Rumus Fisika kelas 8

Apa itu fisika? Fisika adalah sains atau ilmu tentang alam dalam makna yang terluas. Fisika mempelajari gejala alam yang tidak hidup atau materi dalam lingkup ruang dan waktu.


This game is packed with new features - from rotation & triple battle to enhance graphic, it is huge leap from heardgold & soulsilver. The rotation & triple battle make battling more fun and prompts the players to think more about which Pokemon they have in their party and which moves they should learn. The enhance of graphic take the players into the pokemon world and really helps players into the story.

Story line

The story line is new and interesting. While fighting the "cult" that preaches the release of Pokemon, player will discover the history of Unova Region and finally come face to face with the legendary Pokemon of Unova Region: Reshiram and Zekrom


After the elite four

After beating the elite four, you still have a lot to do! visit the Black city if you have pokemon Black, and white forest if you have the pokemon white. In the black city, you can buy things otherwise not available in this game; White forest you can catch the previous generation pokemon! you can also trade people in this areas whit friend